WMC visits Buñol

The region of Valencia in Spain has a long and strong musical bond with WMC Kerkrade. In the last 50 years several big bandas from Llíria and Buñol participated in the World Music Contest. In 2017, the banda from the Centro Instructivo Musical “La Armónica” de Buñol will be in the concert division again.

At the invitation of the president of La Armónica, a delegation of WMC consisting of Roger Creusen (board member), Hans Bosch ( general manager) and Harrie Reumkens (artistic manager) paid a visit to Buñol from 18 to 21 August. A historic meeting was on the program: a meeting withe the presidents of the six big bandas in the Valencian region. On the agenda was the cooperation in the future and most of all the participation of a Valencian youth band in the Young Generation Project 2017.All presidents were positive about the project and will try to meet this request.

There was also a meeting with Daniel Belloví, artistic leader of the Certamen Internacional de Bandas de Música, the big annual competition in the Valencian region. Besides the exchange of information and ideas, there was a also agreement about the continuation of cooperation and the opportunities of partcipation in both the Certamen and WMC.

In between there were several surprising meetings with members and supporters of the two bandas in Buñol. The trophy cabinet of La Armónica and the photos of their participation in the past brought by Roger Creusen brought up a lot of warm memories. The wine and beer from “El Litro”, the favorite bar of the banda, added refreshment and inspiration.

Highlight of our visit was the anual climax of the cultural live in Buñol, the mano a Mano concert by La Artística and La Harmónica in the incredible Auditorium Municipal. About 2500 visitors enjoyed the performance of both bands. Helas for La Armónica, raindrops ended theit concert prematurely for the first time in history. But is was about 3 AM then! Nevertheless everybody met in the streets of the city for a fantastic fiesta that lasted till sunrise.

The WMC delegation was very happy with the outcome and WMC is even more convinced that a sustainable cooperation with the Valencian region is of great importance.