WMC 2017 rewards X-factor!

The winners of the upcoming World Music Contest 2017 are no longer the bands which play their pieces untill perfection, but are the participants who impressed the most with their complete performance. During the congress of the National Music Organisation in the Netherlands a delegation of WMC Kerkrade published the following changes in the rules and regulations during WMC Kerkrade 2017.

Changes in the Marching Competition
The marching circuit will remain the same as in 2013. A new item in the contest is, that bands must at the end of their contest circuit come to a halt in front of the Grand Stand, which will also be judged. The adjudication system has been stream lined after consulting not only top musicians but also specialist representatives from the participating field. The participating bands will be adjudicated by a team of 4 adjudicators, who will work from 4 positions in the field. Each adjudicator will, from his position, reward both music and marching skills, “the full package”, and will be able to award a maximum of 100 points. The 4 jury members have been chosen so that they amongst themselves combine a detailed knowledge of all main marching cultures in the world.

Changes in the Show Competition
No changes have been made in the contest format. The jury system has however been slightly changed. The WMC One World System has been further developed into what is now called the “WMC Reward System”. A team of 6 adjudicators (2x music; 2x visual; 2x general effect) will adjudicate the participating bands from one box position in the skyboxes of the stadium.

Changes in the Marching Parade Competition
The same team of 6 adjudicators will be adjudicating the Marching Parade participants, this time however there will be only one music, visual and general effect adjudicator will be working from the box, the other three will in analogy of the Marching Competition be working on the field.

The WMC World Brass Band Championships
The setting for the WBBC will remain the same as in 2013, with teams of three adjudicators each for the 1st Division; 2nd/3rd Division; the test piece of the Championship Division; and the own choice programme of the Championship Division. This is also the case in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions for the sections Fanfare and Harmony Band.

A totally new set up for the Concert Division Harmony and Fanfare Band
The Concert Division Harmony and Fanfare Band has been completely overhauled. This time there will be no set test piece. The choice of programme is totally free and is the responsibility of the participating bands, be it that they must themselves choose a theme, quotation or motto for their programme.

The adjudication will be done by a team of 5 adjudicators, who will act as expert audience members. Five recognised specialists in their own fields:
-One specialised band director
-One orchestral conductor with experience in the broad field of wind music
-One composer
-One soloist
-One specialist from the music theatre.

Five top musicians, who each from his of her own perspective, will adjudicate the quality of the programme, the quality of the performance, as well as the communicative power of the programme, the effect on the audience. And with that WMC will be looking for the X-factor!

The Concert Competition for Percussion Ensembles
This competition has become one of the most spectacular items on the rich WMC-menu. A team of 5 jury members will adjudicate the participating ensembles, who are totally free in their choice of programme.