WMC 2017 has started!

Saturday night the World Music Concours started with a marvelous opening event in the “Parkstad Limburg”stadium. Showbands from The Netherlands, Germany and even New Zealand together with famous artists from the region Jack Vinders and Enzo Kok gave the start to the 18th edition of WMC. The show portrayed a journey past all the continents with music as the main subject.
Windmusic is the connecting element between people and culture.

Chairman Max Kousen invited the audience in his speech to open the WMC 2017 together with him.
The event ended in a closing act by Jack Vinders who sang the Anthem of the city of Kerkrade.
Saturday night marked the start of WMC 2017 which attracts more than 20.000 musicians and approximately 350.000 visitors ton Kerkrade and its surroundings.