Program Opening Ceremony complete!

In the spectacular Opening Ceremony of the World Music Contest Kerkrade (WMC) on Saturday 8 July you will be able to see among others showbands Advendo Sneek and Young Jubal, the National Band of New Zealand and the Kerkrade singer Jack Vinders. The opening of this 18th edition of the festival will give a taste of what can be experienced during the festival, and will set the tone for the up coming WMC-month. The connecting thought of the opening night will be a composition from composer and conductor, Guido Dieteren.

Musicians from Kerkrade will take the stage together with national and international talent in this spectacular opening program. The male voice choirs CMK 1912; Lambertus, St. David, Rumpen and Sabic along with Youth Choir CantaYoung and Royal harmonie St. Philomena Chèvremont will be part of the show. The very your violinist, Enzo Kok, trumpet talent Romano Dieteren and soprano Wendy Kokkelkoren will also contribute to this engaging start of the 18th WMC. International contributions come from the National Band of New Zealand with the Aotearoa Maori Group, Norwegian Stromsgodset Musikkorps and Fanfarenzug Dresden from Germany.

The Opening ceremony will highlight the various facets of WMC, and the national and international acts will take the audience on an impressive world tour. A tour including original wind music, marchin/show bands, regional soloists, theatre and many visual acts. The show symbolizes the role of wind music as binder of people and cultures.

“The audience will be flabbergasted”, according to WMC Chairman Max Kousen, “We this time wanted to show all aspects of WMC in the opening ceremony, from high quality choirs and bands from Kerkrade and the region to marching and show spectacle from bands like Advendo. We also want to show which role music should play in our opininion. Music should bind people around the world, ignoring national borders and cultural differences. Tickets are available from € 10,-.