Nadara support act in Goran Bregovic concert

The original Roma group Nadara is making a name for itself on festivals for world music like Sziget, Khamoro, IRAF, the Cannes Film festival and our national Gipsy Festival in Tilburg. Nadara enthuses an audience to dance along. With a completely new repertoire they not only perform Hungarian and Rumanian gipsy songs, but also the oriental mahala (belly dance ) music, which has been popular in Rumania for the last years. The songs are performed in Hungarian, Rumanian and Roman. Despite their presence on many festivals, the band remains faithful to its native music from the Hungarian village of Szcászcsávás, where it all started.

Goran Bregovic
Nadara will be the support act for the Goran Bregovic concert on 18 July in Roda Hall, Kerkrade. Both on his recordings and live Bregovic plays tutti orga: from tango to pop, from classic to rock. The binding factor in his music however is always gipsy music. On his album: Chapagne for Gypsies from 2012 he sings together with the Gypsy Kings and Eugen Hutz from Gogol Bordello about the tragic fate of the gipsy people. But he also celebrates their great influence on European culture. Something you don’t want to miss.