International Conductors Course

4 - 6 July 2019

Active Participation

If you are under the age of 35 and an advanced conducting student, or if you recently graduated as a conductor, we invite you to enrol as a student in our International Conductors Course and:

  • conduct during at least four workshops;
  • get access to two lectures;
  • receive personalized footage of your participation in the workshops;
  • have the opportunity to conduct the Royal Military Band during the gala concert on July 6th (selection based on participation during the workshops).

Passive Participation

If you do not want to actively participate or if you are not selected by WMC to be an active participant, you are given the opportunity to passively attend the workshops and:

  • get access to all workshops;
  • get access to two lectures;
  • receive working copies of all the scores;
  • receive a ticket to the final gala concert (only for passive participants that participate during all three days).

The total participation fee for passive participants is €50 for three days or €20 till €25 a day.


We welcome everyone who is curious and wants to take a look during the workshops. Entrance for the general public is free, but they don’t have access to the scores or the lectures. Interested? Just walk in during one or more of the workshops.

Registrations closed

Free entrance