About WMC Kerkrade

General Information

WMC Kerkrade promotes and cultivates the international wind music scene. The stimulation of talent of all ages, the strife for renewal and the support of a worldwide quality development of musicians and orchestras are all common targets in the WMC Kerkrade philosophy.

Once every four years, WMC Kerkrade organizes the world's most famous international festival of wind music: the World Music Contest, in all its glory with extensive competition programmes, first rate concert series and many other attractive activities. During a WMC Kerkrade you can enjoy:

  • Concert contests for wind and brass bands as well as percussion ensembles;
  • Marching, Marching Parade and Show contests for marching & show bands;
  • Conducting courses and competitions for young conductors of wind bands.
  • First rate concerts
  • International Round Table Conference
  • Other activities, like Young Generation, workshops and so much more!

Inbetween those four years WMC Kerkrade also organizes other activities.

WMC Kerkrade for wind music development

WMC Kerkrade as the laboratory for wind music is of great importance. Besides organizing the actual World Music Contest, WMC Kerkrade works with a plethora of partners in providing recurrent educational projects for young musicians, musical frameworks and even managerial frameworks.