About WMC Kerkrade


Countless numbers of visitors find their way to Kerkrade during WMC Kerkrade. For many years now the Outdoor festival (Buitenfestival) has been a huge regional attraction. Thanks to the programming of popular music and the cozy establishment of downtown Kerkrade, the Outdoor festival is a wonderful addition to the broad festival program.

Next to the party scenery provided by bands in the market square of Kerkrade, you can also enjoy listening to bands, orchestras, contest participants, and Young Generation-bands at the Outdoor festival. In 2013, there were about one hundred performances which drew a total audience of 200,000 people. The board of WMC Kerkrade has for 2017 once more decided to put the organisation and programming of the Outdoor festival in the hands again of a third party. WMC Kerkrade will supervise the programming to make sure that wind music will not be left out of the picture.


The Concert Series of the 18th edition of WMC Kerkrade(2017) will bring a mix of top national and international bands, ensembles and soloists into the spotlight, which in turn will provide audiences with a broad spectrum of music to enjoy. A little something for everybody!

Well known features of WMC Kerkrade such as the Brass Gala Concert on 10 July and the Final of the International Conductors Competition on 19 July will be mixed with many new items.