About WMC Kerkrade


Contestants come to WMC Kerkrade to become world champions within their divisions. Below you can read more about the various contests.

Marching, Marching Parades and Show contests

The Marching and Show contests are visually the most stunning part of a WMC Kerkrade experience. The beauty of costume colouring, composition and international diversity together with coordinated movement evoke an emotional feeling that one is not likely ever to forget. Most important however is the music, which is being adjudicated by top class jury teams. Don't miss it!

Concert Contests

Talented participants from all over the world will be striving for the highest honour.

These contests take part in 4 sections: Harmony, Fanfare, Brass Bands and Percussion Ensembles. The first three sections are each divided into 4 divisions: Concert-, First-, Second- and Third Division, whereas the Percussion Ensembles contests have only two divisions: World and First.

A compulsory or test piece, often commissioned by WMC Kerkrade is set for all 1st, 2nd and 3rd divisions. Each band furthermore is required to play an own choice piece as well, which must fit the appropriate division level.

In the Concert Division Harmony and Fanfare band, unlike in the Championship Division Brass Band, no compulsory or test piece has been set due to a new contest format for these divisions. The Percussion Ensemble contests also do not use test pieces.

It will be up to the jury to decide, which band has given the best performance.